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No protest by front-line police officers over delayed allowances

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Commissioner of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) Mostyn Mangau assures members of the public that there will be no protest by frontline officers over unpaid COVID-19 as the Government is dealing with the issue and the outstanding allowances should be paid in the coming week.

“I wish to thank all police officers who have been deployed on frontline duties in the Emergency Zones both in Honiara and at the western border with Papua New Guinea  for their dedication and commitment as the RSIPF continues to assist other Government agencies fight the COVDID 19 pandemic within our shores,” says Commissioner Mangau.

He explains, “It is important to note that the Government’s COVID-19 Oversight Committee and a specially tasked committee spent a lot of time in considering the allowances for our officers, with the purpose of ensuring our staff are adequately and fairly remunerated during COVID-19 front line policing activities, whilst taking into consideration the country’s challenging economic environment.”

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“As you all aware that we’re still in the SOPE (State of Public Emergency) period and RSIPF like any other law enforcement agencies throughout the globe has a key role to play in supporting the implementation of public health measures to contain the COVID 19 outbreak and in preventing specific criminal activities arising from this context.”

“I want to reassure the public and frontline police officers that the RSIPF Executive is in dialogue with the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Finance and Treasury over the issue of unpaid allowances. The Government has assured us that this issue has been given priority and the outstanding allowances will be paid in the coming week.”

 “RSIPF will not support any sit in protest by any of its officers,” Commissioner Mangau emphasises.

He adds, “I want to assure the Government and the general public that RSIPF is continuing with its normal policing duties, and there is no such thing as a protest threat. Although there are financial constraints being experienced by government’s frontline agencies, the RSIPF will continue to perform its mandated duties and responsibilities.”

I wish to thank all concerned officers for your understanding and patience and to allow responsible authorities to deal with this matter as we all continue to perform our normal policing duties to provide security for our nation,” says Commissioner Mangau. RSIPF MEDIA UNIT

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