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No Leaks but covers were FAKED to look like 2020 exams

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Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Dr. Franco Roddie says there were no leaks of the national exam papers but they were faked to look like 2020 papers and sold to students.

There were unsubstantiated reports in the social media of the national exams being leaked but Dr. Roddie said their investigations didn’t find any leaks.

“What we found is that they were selling fake papers. They only made the cover to look like the 2020 national exam papers but in reality the content is of the past exam papers not 2020,” he said.

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“So I can confirm no leaks of the national exams,” said the permanent secretary.

National exam leaks had always been a concern each year and the government has tried its best to ensure the papers are not leaked before the national exams.

SBMOnline understands that the papers were used to print in Fiji but this year two local companies were given the right to print the exams.

Exam classes throughout the country start their national exams this today and are expected to finish next week.

National exams are now only done at form 3, form 5 and form 6 levels after the government abandoned the grade 6 exams last year.

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