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New Acupuncture Outpatient Clinic opens at National Referral Hospital

Inside the new outpatient acupuncture clinic.
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The National Referral Hospital (NRH) and the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) together with the Chinese Medical Team (CMT) yesterday launched a new outpatient acupuncture clinic.

The new acupuncture clinic located inside the new building built by Win Win Company upon request made by NRH and CMT last year.

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Dr George Malefoasi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), National Referral Hospital in his remarks at the launching said the new acupuncture clinic demonstrated another milestone achievement of the hospital and Chinese Medical Team (CMT).

“The acupuncture services newly established last year during the inception/ inaugural CMT to NRH as part of the overall Medical Cooperation signed in October 2021”, said Dr Malefoasi.

He explained acupuncture is a traditional medicine around for many years ago. However, it is not common in practice in the Solomon Islands but the awareness of it is there.

“In April 2023 an Efficacy study on acupuncture was done by Dr Jack Lei and our CG Quality research staff at NRH. The findings was interesting and very good”, said Dr Malefoasi.

He explained the benefits of acupuncture was cost effective method of treatment and primarily for pain relief. Which, lessons and study worldwide show relief in other illnesses and conditions: such as stress, allergies, migraines, insomnia, stroke (mobility), and many others.

“I am also happy to make mention that currently a local doctor is working closely with the acupuncture specialists”, said Dr Malefoasi.  

He again thank Win Win Company for answering the request for building the facility upon request from CMT and NRH. 

“This facility accommodates acupuncture care, urinary services, nephrology and cardiology. This provides space for sick people with above system diseases and conditions to be seen by specialist doctors (from CMT and our local doctors). Therefore we the NRH management are so grateful to Win Win and CMT”, Dr Malefoasi said.

Chinese Embassy Counsellor Gong Rui congratulated NRH and Community Based Rehabilitation department for the new outpatient acupuncture clinic.

Counsellor Gong said acupuncture therapy treatment has been more popular and welcome by Solomon Islanders since introduced.

“More than one year with the joint effort of both countries medical staffs; our acupuncture specialists Dr Jack and Dr Garry both work closely with CBR Director, and the doctors and nurses providing efficient and high quality treatment for 4,000 people ever since the treatment introduced”, said Ms. Gong.

She said acupuncture is just one of many traditional medicine practiced in China. Nevertheless, she said that now acupuncture is been practiced in Solomon Islands, CMT specialists will transfer the skills to nurses and doctors.

In addition, Ms. Gong thank NRH for hosting CMT through providing a good working environment and supportive nurses and doctors.

Meanwhile, the ministry will look at expanding the acupuncture services to the Provincial Hospitals. 


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