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National Head of Nursing holds fruitful meetings with Western Province Nurses

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The National Head of Nursing, Mr Michael Larui held two meetings with Western Province Nurses in Gizo on his recent trip to officiate at the opening of Western Province Health Conference on Tuesday 30th.

The meetings were held purposely to provide updates on developments and to acknowledge nurses for the work that they continue to provide in contributing to the overall health service delivery.

Mr Larui also used the opportunity to listen to the nurses as they raise important issues for consideration by relevant departments at the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS).

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With COVID 19 pandemic, Mr Larui acknowledged all the nurses for their part in the response. Nurses have involved in providing clinical care to the infected, swabbing to determine positive cases and vaccination rollout to protect the public from the disease.

The first meeting in the morning was held for Nurse Administrators, senior clinical nurses and public health program officers.

Mr Larui updated the nurses of the development of the National Health Strategic Plan which in draft has strategic objectives that seeks strengthening of the health system, improving health service delivery and ensuring that there is strong support for implementation of the plan.

Mr Larui also updated nurse leaders on development of the National Nursing Strategic Directions which and review of the Nursing Council Act. “These are very important developments to ensure that nurses are well managed and developed in order to improve nursing care to the people.

Mr Larui emphasized the importance of recognizing nurses for the work that they do. “There are privileges and opportunities that the government through the Ministry of Public Service has in place to ensure workers are recognized, and this calls for utilizing them by immediate supervisors such the hospitals nursing heads and Area Health Center managers” said Mr Larui.

While listening to the nurse leaders, Mr Larui appreciated many of the achievements in workforce management, training and nurses’ practice in many areas of the province.

In talking with the nurses at Gizo Hospital, Mr Larui encouraged all nurses to strengthen the provision of essential health services by improving nursing care to the people of Western Province.

“We are nurses because of patients and clients hence our work as nurses is very important to serving the people who needs health care the most, “said Mr Larui.

The nurses thanked the National Head of Nursing for giving them an opportunity to talk and raised issues such as nursing staff shortage, infrastructure support and recognizing nurses efforts” in health care delivery.

Mr Larui assured the nurses that the issues that were raised would be conveyed to department heads at the Ministry of Health and Medical services.

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