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MWYCFA and NYC staff receive Job Instruction training

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The staff of MWYCFA including student interns & volunteers and the staff of the National Youth Congress had recently completed 5 days of training on Job Instructions under the Training Within Industry (TWI) from 23/08/22 to 29/08/22.

This recent training was conducted for staff who did not attend the first and second series conducted in the year 2020 and 2021. The Job Instruction Program is one of the three modules of Training Within Industry (TWI) for supervisors developed by the Pacific International Centre for High Technology Research (PICHTR) based in Hawaii.

The programme is based on Management support which covers Needs for Supervisors, Knowledge of Work, Knowledge of Responsibilities, Skill in Leading, Skill in Improving Methods and Skill in Instructing.

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Mr. Glyn Joshua from the Results of Training and Consultancy, a certified Senior TWI Trainer facilitated the training at the MWYCFA conference room.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs Dr Cedrick Alependava said the Ministry is fortune to receive this training as it is a very useful practical training which will enhance individual’s performance and inevitably boost productivity as well as delivery of service to our people of Solomon Islands.

He said the training programme will help the Ministry staff be more effective in their roles and improve service delivery. He also said that the training will prepare volunteers and student interns to have a fair knowledge of planning, organising and communication in their work places in the near future.

The Permanent Secretary therefore urges the participants to utilise and put into practice the tools learnt from the training. Meanwhile, the trainer Joshua said that the programme was drawn from experience of management in the industry, a codification of methods used by successful people.

He said Training Within Industry has multiplied effects as it will also affect those who also receive instruction. He added that skills need to be developed through practise and if not used will become atrophied, therefore he urged all staff and trainees to utilise the tools received in the training.

The recent training was organised by the Youth Development Division of the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs for staff who are yet to undertake the training after the successful completion of training for the executive members of the Youth Workers Association of Solomon Islands, Ministry Heads of Divisions (HODs) and Staff in mid-2020 and 2021.

Both trainings and the recent training concluded with the presentation of Certificates of Attainment. Ends///

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