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MRD supports Kwai Island beach soccer development program

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development Dr. Samson Viulu hands over the 15 beach soccer balls to Kwai Island Beach Soccer development leader Martin Farobo at Atori wharf.
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The Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) has supported Kwai Island beach soccer development program in East Malaita with the donation of 15 beach soccer balls.

The support is part of MRD’s rural community engagement towards the sport development in rural areas.

MRD Permanent Secretary Dr. Samson Viulu and his staff travelled to East Malaita and handed over the 15 beach soccer balls to Martin Farobo, a former Malaita Kwikwi beach soccer player at Atori on Tuesday 13th September, 2022.

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Farobo who is taking the lead in his community in Kwai to run a beach soccer development program with the support of his other colleagues were part of the Malaita Eagle team and also represented the country in the Beach soccer world cup in Qatar a few years back.

Farobo said that after Kwai Island become one of the powerhouses in beach soccer in the country they did not sit back and relax.

“We took the initiative to start and develop the sport even further by running beach soccer programs and beach soccer leagues on our Island.

“With the help of SIFF we manage to train our former players and start engaging our youths and children to be part of our beach soccer development,” he added.

Farobo cannot hold back his appreciation when he received the 15 beach soccer balls from MRD PS and his officers.

He said the support is a great boost for beach soccer development on the Island (Kwai).

“I would like to take this opportunity to humbly thank the Ministry of Rural Development and your Permanent Secretary for this timely donation.

“I remember I approached and requested PS Viulu last month when he attended a launching program regarding the commencement work on the East Malaita Constituency mini-hospital Project in Atori, if MRD can support us with beach soccer balls for our development programs and league.

“We aim to develop more beach soccer for this country as well as engage our youths to develop their life to be good sportsmen and women in our community and the country as a whole,” Farobo said.

He believed that sports should be one of the main developments in rural areas therefore he is encouraged by the support from government through MRD.

Meanwhile, PS Viulu on behalf of the Ministry said he is pleased that his Ministry has engaged in such a development partnership with the rural communities and wished Kwai Beach Soccer program and league a success now and into the future.

PS Vilulu also thanked JQY Enterprise for donating the beach soccer balls after the ministry sought support from them.

“It is their duty to give back to the communities in Solomon Islands,” he added. added.

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