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More arrivals and graduations in Quarantine Stations

Camp Management Team with persons in quarantine during graduation at GBR Quarantine Station
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A total of 281 repatriates are being quarantined in the SIG Quarantine Stations, QS, after the arrival of two repatriation flights from Fiji this week.
The Camp Management Sector Committee confirmed, 140 of the 281 arrived on Tuesday 29th December and are being quarantined at the King George the Sixth School, King Solomon Hotel, and DIDDS Quarantine Stations.
Another 141 repatriates arrived yesterday, Wednesday 30th December and are also accommodated at King Solomon Hotel, King George Sixth School and Airport Motel Quarantine Stations.
The returnees from Fiji will serve their mandated quarantined periods and undergo the required number of tests, and once they clear all their COVID-19 tests they will graduate.
Meanwhile a total of 133 persons have been graduated from the Chengs and GBR Quarantine Stations after completing their mandatory quarantine period yesterday, Wednesday 30th December 2020.
Out of the 133 graduates, 82 are from the Chengs QS whilst 51 graduated from the GBR Quarantine Station.
Camp Management Sector Committee Team Leader of the Chengs Quarantine Station confirmed that the graduated persons have completed a period of twenty-one (21) days in quarantine, and undergone the required number of tests and all tested negative.
The other 51 graduates from GBR QS have also completed their mandatory quarantine period and have undergone the number of the required tests.
Public Health Management Team Leader Ms. Rose Ripiapu thanked the graduates on behalf of the Authorities for their patience and cooperation during the quarantine period and wish them well as they reunite with their families and communities during this festive season.
Ms. Ripiapu also urged them to contact the free toll lines in the case they feel unwell or ill after they graduated.
Student representatives from the two Quarantine Stations also thanked the Camp Managers, all front liners and the Government for tireless efforts and services rendered during their quarantine period.
All graduates from the two Quarantine Stations were returnees from the Philippines, one of the COVID 19 high-risk countries.

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