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MMERE launches first ever online portal for mining sector

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By Timothy Inifiri Jr

The Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification (MMERE) yesterday launched its first ever Online Portal for the mining sector in Solomon Islands.

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The new portal which is developed with the support from the World Bank and implemented by the Revenue Development System is mainly to enhance transparency and efficiency in the mining sector.

Speaking during the launch, Minister of MMERE, Hon. Bradley Tovosia highlights the occasion as a significant milestone in the country’s journey towards modernization and efficiency in the mining sector.

“We are embracing a system that brings significant benefits to our mineral rights application process, enhances transparency by eliminating uncertainty and favouritism, fostering confidence among both local and international investors”.

“This increase trust will attract much needed capital of sustainable development of our mineral sector”, he said.

The minister also added that the portal marks a significant step forward in the development of the country’s mineral sector.

With the online portal also including a feature that allows the public to record their complaints or grievance against any active licenses, Hon Tovosia said that the voices and concerns of local citizens are highly valued.

“This feature aims to ensure accountability and responsiveness in our mineral sector. We value the voices and concerns of our citizens and this platform will enable them actively participate and hold us accountable for the responsible management of our mineral resources”, he added.

The online portal which is accessible through the MMERE website also publishes license registry database, providing prospective investors with an online platform to apply for new mining licenses, current licenses holders will also be able to submit their reports online and enjoy a range of other benefits.

“Today we stand on the threshold of a new era where technology and transparency converge to unlock the full potential of our mineral resources. Let us work hand in hand, embracing the opportunities that lie ahead and ensuring a prosperous and sustainable future for the Solomon Islands and its people”, said Tovosia.

Meanwhile, with the launching of the new online portal with efforts to improve governance and transparency in the sector, the government is hoping that it will attract new investments that will generate greater economic benefits for the country. 

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