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MHMS & GP RWASH hand over two completed water supply projects to W Guale communities

Children enjoying water supply for the first time.
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The Monqa community and Mbokotsare community in Tangarare Ward 4, West Guadalcanal will no longer walk long distances to wash, bath and collect water other household chores. The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (RWASH) has ease that burden for the people in these communities with the delivery of water supply projects.

RWASH projects under the Environmental Health Division, Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) in collaboration with Guadalcanal Province Health Division on Saturday 27th August handed over two completed water supply projects in Monqa and Mbokotsare communities.

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The Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Environmental Health Division, RWASH team, Guadalcanal Provincial Health team and the West Guadalcanal Constituency Honourable Member for Parliament Hon. Anthony Veke and Minister for Police National Security and Correctional Services attended the handover ceremony.

MHMS, Environmental Health Division, RWASH Program Manager, Mr. Jack Filomea when officially handed over the water supplies congratulated the two communities for their newly installed water supply systems and commended them for working well with the authorities.

“On behalf of the MHMS Executive and Health Management of RWASH program we congratulate you in the successful completion of the project and official opening of the water system”, Mr. Filomea stated.

Mr. Filomea explained water supply in Monqa and Mbokotsare is one of the 39 water supply projects throughout the Solomon Islands under the Health RWASH program for 2020 projects.

“The project is funded by the European Union through a partnership with our Solomon Island government assistance for rural human water security projects program for the provision of a new complete water supply system for communities”, said Filomea.

Health RWASH Program Manager stated Mbokotsare water supply project cost $209,396.67 and Monqa with a total of $124,635.74.

“A total of 11 stand pipes in Monqa and 15 stand pipes in Mbokotsare”, said Filomea.

Guadalcanal Provincial Health, Principal Admin Officer, Mr. Terry Evans Tugumana in his remarks at the event, stated that the water supply project is specifically designed to address basic water needs for rural communities, health facilities such as clinics, education institutions including vocational training, agricultural development, sanitary environment, and rural infrastructure.

“Access to clean water is not only a basic need of mankind but a necessity to sustain all forms of life in the world. It is often quite easily forgotten how completely we depend on it. Human survival is dependent on water”, said Mr Tugumana.

Mr. Tugumana thanked European Union for the kind-heart gesture in providing the funds to support the water supply project.

“I thank MHMS, RWASH program for the trust and the faith in my team (RWASH GP) to take the lead with the implementation of the project and the necessary trainings”, said Tugumana.

West Guadalcanal Constituency, Hon. Anthony Veke thanked the National and Provincial Ministry of Health for the water supply projects and encouraged his people to take good care of it for the sustainability and longevity of the system to serve the communities.

Echoing similar sentiments are the chief, members of the water supply committee, women representatives in both communities, where they expressed sincere thank you and acknowledgment to the Ministry of Health and Guadalcanal Provincial Health for the coordination and implementation of the project, as well as the EU for the funding support.

“Now our villagers, especially us women and children will no longer walk long distances to fetch fresh water up the rivers and streams uphill as these water supply system has brought water right to our doorsteps. Thank you indeed from our hearts,” said Monqa women representative Jennifer Qulua.

Mbokotsare Chief who also gave his remarks at the event shared a personal story of his mother who died from crocodile attack some years back when she collecting water up stream.

“Today this handover reminded me of how my mother lost her life. Therefore, this project means a lot to me and the people here because lives will be saved not only from walking distance to wash, swim and fetch water but also from crocodile attacks that have been threat to our lives when doing simply daiy task of collecting water”, said the Mbokotsare Chief.

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