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MEHRD Annual Joint Review 2023

MEHRD Minister Tanangada and PS Rodie gifting students
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The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) convened its Annual Joint Review (AJR) on Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 June) considering the theme “Transforming Education: our shared responsibility is to create a future for our children and country”.

Participating in the AJR were around 120 people representing MERHD Education Partners and Stakeholders namely Education Authorities, Key Government line Ministries, Non-Government Organisations, Civil Society Organisation, training institutions and MEHRD officials. While MEHRD is the mandated Ministry responsible for delivering education in Solomon Islands, MEHRD understands that providing quality education to all children in Solomon Islands is a shared responsibility.

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The AJR offers MEHRD and its education partners and stakeholders with an opportunity to review MEHRD’s education sector progress including identifying challenges and opportunities to achieve National Education Action Plan 2022–2026 outcomes. Topics covered at the two-day event were guided by three (3) of MEHRD’s pathway areas; (1) Access and Inclusion, (2) Quality and Relevance, and (3) Management and Systems as well as an update on the status of education system major reform being enacted by the new education legislation and an Education Legislative Framework (ELF).

In his official opening remarks, MEHRD Permanent Secretary (PS) Dr Franco Rodie announced to the participants “…that Cabinet had endorsed our Education Bill 2023 to be taken to the Bills and Legislation Committee of Parliament and thereafter to Parliament, which is expected to resume its meeting in July. This means our Education Bill is finally on its way to becoming law….”

PS Rodie further stated that the 2023 AJR allows for review of MEHRD’s progress over the past 12 months or so and planning for implementation of the new Education Bill. MEHRD maintains strong working relationships with its Education Partners and Stakeholders.

At the AJR, representatives of key education stakeholders discussed and made valuable reflections and contributions on the performance and challenges faced by MEHRD and its partners during the past 12 months.

The inputs provided would be considered in the MEHRD’s 2024 Annual Work Plan that is currently being drafted. Day two (2) of the AJR included the official launching of new MEHRD English and Mathematics curriculum resources and the Whole Educator Professional Development Framework (WEPD) by the Minister of Education and Human Resources Development, Honourable Lanelle Tanangada, MP.

The WEPD was developed over the past two (2) years and provides MEHRD and its Education Partners and Stakeholders with a long-term policy direction for continuing professional learning and development of teachers and school leaders in Solomon Islands.

The AJR was supported by the Governments of Solomon Islands, Australia and New Zealand through the Solomon Islands Education Sector Support Program – which aims to improve access to quality basic education for all Solomon Islands children.

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