Home Breaking News Mangau warns Crips and Bloods “police is coming after you”

Mangau warns Crips and Bloods “police is coming after you”

CoP Mangau
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Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau has warned scarf coloured groups Crips and Bloods to stay away from any illegal activities as he ordered his officers to get down to the bottom of their establishments.

There have been widespread criticisms against the groups known as Crips and Bloods after they emerged on social media as organized groups based on the two colours. Many parents and concerned citizens have gone to the social media to call for police to take action against the groups.

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Today the Commissioner Mangau was straightforward.

“I want to warn those in the groups to stay out of (illegal) activities. Intelligence (Unit in RSIPF) is tasked to get down to the bottom of the groups and their involvements in the social issues which causes threat to the community,” Mangau said in his weekly press conference.

He told reporters that police is also monitoring the groups.

According to Mangau, the groups have just been started a few weeks ago and police is aware they are made up of mostly youths.

Mangau said he would inform the public in the coming weeks as they continue to probe into the groups in the coming days.

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