Home News Mangau reiterates: they are replica firearms

Mangau reiterates: they are replica firearms

CoP Mangau
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The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) would like to respond to a newspaper article calling on the Police Commissioner to come clean and reveal the hidden truth regarding the replica guns supplied to the RSIPF by China in 2022.

A statement issued by RSIPF Media states that Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau has clearly explained in a press release disseminated by the RSIPF Media Unit to other media outlets and was posted on the RSIPF Facebook page as a response on this matter on 22 February 2022.

It states Mangau has time and time again explains that these replica firearms (95 replica rifles and 92 replica pistols) are not capable of firing any live munitions. They are for training purposes and weigh about the same weight of real rifles and pistols. There are 60 pieces of x plastic rifles and 150 pieces of plastic pistol training aides received by RSIPF donated by PRC.

RSIPF officers train on the replica guns in different positions
Police practising using the replica guns

The Commissioner of Police would like to reiterate here, the truth remains the consignment were imitation firearms from China for Training Purposes, the statement, said.

It quoted Mangau saying that the replicas were not smuggled or concealed but were cleared as per the process.

“Solomon Island is a sovereign country and when it comes to security we must be sensitive about police capabilities. There is nothing to conceal or hide regarding these replica guns. These things do not in any way threaten the security of this country so far, except they are as good as helping RSIPF in building its tactical knowledge and capabilities,” the statement highlighted.

“RSIPF officers have been training with the replica guns upon its arrival and we will continue to use these replicas for training purposes. It is important that facts are verified therefore it would be helpful if the opposition leader can bring in the mentioned senior police officer for discussion and establish facts,” the statement said.


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