Home News Maneniaru queries arrival of vessel from China into Wairokai

Maneniaru queries arrival of vessel from China into Wairokai

Hon Mane.
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MEMBER of Parliament for West Are’Are Hon John Maneniaru has called on the

Government to clarify the arrival of MV Trans Thalia to Wairokai yesterday.

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Hon Maneniaru said according to reports the vessel travelled from China in December last year enroute to Wairokai.

“What is the vessel doing in Wairokai? Is they exempted? Are crews on the vessel tested for COVID? Have they been quarantined,” he questioned.

The MP for West Are’Are said if the vessel has been granted exemption by the Prime Minister then it should be clarified.

He said people in Wairokai are nervous and have raised concerns over the safety of the boat and its crew.

“The people are very concerned about the arrival of the vessel,” he said.

Hon Maneniaru said he has advised his people not to get into contact with the ship and its crew.

“ In such time of COVID crisis in the country, the Government must make sure decisions and information’s are made available to the people so that they are informed instead of causing fear and anxiety,” he said.

According to the vessel’s details, MV Trans Thalia departed from Zhangjiagang, China on 25th December 2021 and arrived in Wairokai yesterday Feb 5th 2022.

Meanwhile the Secretary to the Prime Minister, Dr Jimmy Rodgers when commenting on radio this afternoon on this matter said: “It is one of the many log ships in the country. The ship arrived on 9th January and went through the right process. They were cleared go go to the log-ponds with local stevedores. It is a requirement that both the crew and stevedores were COVID-19 negative.


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