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Malaita Acknowledges Feasibility Study for Auki Town Road Tar Sealing Project

Engineer Rex accompanying civil engineers of China Harbour Engineering Company during the Auki town road tar sealing feasibility assessment.
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Malaita Provincial Government appreciates the feasibility study recently carried out by China Habour Engineering Company. Following the exchange of notes signed between the People’s Republic of China and the Solomon Islands Government. The feasibility study is one of the important requirements for detailed design and procurement formalities for the Auki Town Road Tar Sealing Project.

Premier Hon. Martin Fini and his Malaita Provincial executive acknowledged PRC’s newly appointed Ambassador to Solomon Islands H.E. Cai Weiming and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure Development Hon. Manasseh Maelanga on behalf of the Solomon Islands Government for taking further steps to sign the Exchange of Notes.

The Auki Town road tar sealing feasibility study took place on 19th and 20th December 2023.

Malaita Provincial Government values the bilateral relationship of the Solomon Islands Government with the People’s Republic of China to support the urgent needs of the communities of Malaita Province with quality road network infrastructure. That will create a greater Auki township which connects to the northern and eastern regions, southern and central regional corridor road networks.

Premier Fini highlighted this would be a great opportunity to improve the current poor conditions of the road in Auki town.

Deputy Premier Joe Heroau also shared the same sentiments, acknowledging the PRC as it took further steps in portraying the strong commitment to invest in the Auki Town Tar Sealing Project.

The people of Malaita Province value the commitment from the PRC to share its wealth of experience in the construction industry which over the years rapidly and significantly contributed to the robust development of the economy in China. Encompassing well-planned sectors in residential, commercial, industrial, transportation networks, energy and public infrastructure projects.

The people of Malaita anticipated the positive impacts a quality road infrastructure network would bring for safer, faster and more efficient transportation of goods, services and people that leads to increased productivity and economic growth. Improve connectivity with trading and cultural diversities to the regions. It reduces the number of accidents and improves overall road safety.  Boosting future outlooks in the tourism industry. Quality road infrastructure will certainly create easier access for Malaita people to access the market, and essential services in health care and education contributing to an overall improvement in quality of life.

Premier Fini stated improving the condition of the Auki town road is a priority for his government.  Considering the urgent needs of his communities in Malaita Province, everyone pledges hope with positive expectations to see the tar sealing project immediately start to meet their transport needs with safe, quality, and reliable road infrastructure.

Implementation of the Auki Town Tar Sealing Project is a way forward with milestones for a well-developed transportation system that plays a vital role in the Malaita-Auki Township and Regional Economic Development Master Plan Initiative recently deliberated and endorsed on 14th December 2023. Connecting existing ongoing national potential economic development projects such as Bina Harbour Tuna Processing Plant in the southern region. Suava Economic Growth Centre and Maluú CEMA Buying Centre in the northern region and Aluta rice farming in the eastern region. Besides other social and economic development projects and services to be delivered for better welfare of the rural population. Including important entrepreneurship ventures and investment opportunities for resource owners to economically maximize in employment and income generation in the Malaita regions.

Providing quality road networks also supports the latest initiatives with the Malaita Provincial executive’s endorsement of the proposal for the revitalization of the Dala farm research centre. That will complement the proposal already endorsed by Premier Fini and his executive as well for further dialogue to establish the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) Agricultural Campus at Fote in Malaita Province to boost the agricultural sector as the backbone of the rural and national economy.

  • issued by OPMC for the Malaita Provincial Government

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