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Mala tops CDF list with $641.2m in 9 years, each constituency receives $45.8m a year

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Malaita Province’s 14 constituencies received a combined $641.2m of Constituency Development Fund from 2010-2018, the biggest share of the CDC per province, reveals Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI).

The stunning revelation was captured in TSI’s independence message, which boldly states that after ‘42 Years of Going Nowhere’.

TSI Executive Officer Ruth Liloqula told SBMOnline this morning that the data does not include other benefits that the MPs received like the controversial $500,000 per year in discretionary fund to each MP.

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The TSI facts show that Western with its nine constituencies received more than $412. 2m followed by Guadalcanal in third with $366.4m in third. Makira with her four constituencies got $183. 2m whilst Choiseul, Temotu, Honiara and Isabel benefited from $137.4 each whilst Central which has two constituencies received $91. 6 and Renbel, which also has one constituency got $45. 8 in the past ten years.

 As per constituency, each received $45.8m, the report states.

History of CDF

The CDF was introduced in 2000 with a $5m budget and each constituency was allocated $100,0000. It stayed only for two years and by 2002 it was increased to $10m with one of the 50 constituencies receiving $200,000. After five years in 2007 it jumped to $50m with each constituency receiving $1m each. However in 2008 the CDF was more than doubled to $105m with each constituency receiving $2.1m. Four years later in 2012, the CDF was further increased to $260m with each constituency getting $5.2m then there was a massive surge to $350m in 2016 with each constituency getting $7m.

Funds Received Per Province During the 9th and 10th Parliament

Province            Constituencies           Total Funds Received

Malaita               14                                $641, 200,000.00

Western            9                                  $412, 200, 000.00

Guadalcanal      8                                  $366, 400, 000.00

Makira               4                                  $183, 200, 000.00

Choiseul            3                                  $137, 400, 000.00

Isabel                 3                                  $137, 400, 000.00

Honiara             3                                  $137, 400, 000.00

Temotu              3                                  $137, 400, 000.00

Central               2                                  $91, 600, 000. 000

Renbel               1                                  $45, 8000, 000.00

Nothing to show for

TSI said for RCDF alone in the period between 2010 to 2018 (9 years) the actual total released under this scheme was $47,900,000.00/constituency.

“But the question everyone asked is, what have we achieve after 42 years with these millions as we do well in our economy then?

“Are we going forward or backward? Where have these millions gone to for there is hardly any development to be seen in the constituencies no improvement to the education and health infrastructure, water supply and sanitation, not much increase in cocoa and coconut acreage.

“Looking back on 42 year of self-rule obviously one can tell that the country is going backward in terms of development. There is so much mismanagement of public funds as shown by the many audits carried out by the Auditor General,” TSI said.


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