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Longest serving police officer farewelled after 38 years with RSIPF

Commissioner. Mostyn Mangau presents a Plaque to Ian Bara. Looking on is Minister of Police Veke
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The Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) last night farewelled the longest serving police officer after thirty eight years with the RSIPF.
A farewell dinner was hosted for the outgoing Assistant Commissioner (AC) Corporate Support (CS) Mr. Ian Bara with the presence of the Minister of Police, National Security and Correction Services (MPNSC) Anthony veke.
Members of the police partners program, Staff from the MPNSCS and RSIPF Executive were also invited to the farewell dinner.
Minister of Police, National Security and Correction Services Veke said that Mr Ian Bara had served faithfully and professionally for a significant number of years in different divisions in the RSIPF.
“You have set a very high standard that will not be easily forgotten but will be a positive legacy that will continue the momentum to develop RSIPF into the future,” said Veke.
He said: “I wish to take this opportunity, as Minister of Police as well as on behalf of the Government, to salute and honour our retiring AC Mr. Bara for your dedication, commitment and professional discipline services to the policing organisation as well as to our people and the government. Your services and contributions are immeasurable and we respectfully salute you as a dedicated discipline servant.”
Minister Veke added: “You are amongst our team of faithful retiring servants. Thank you for departing with a positive legacy. I appeal to you that you continue to raise the flag of policing virtues in your future endeavours. ‘Once a police officer, always a police officer.”
Veke continued: “I want to stress again that our retiring officers will always be heroes- despite the challenges we all faced in our law and order environment. I wish Mr. Bara much God’s rich blessings as you transition into our civilian society.”
Bara in his brief remarks said policing is not that easy.
“It is challenging and we have to face it. It is all about leadership to make you strong and this is where wisdom comes in. There are times we have to think strategically to deal with matters of organisational interests and there are times we have to use our critical thinking when situations are at hand to make decisions. Even though we face those challenges, stand strong and firm in faith and believe that we can overcome them.”
Bara acknowledges that policing is not an easy job.
“Loyalty and dignity are pillars I realise in my past policing careers. Discipline must be maintained at the very highest standard. Our expectations cannot happen if we do not discipline. It must come from us,” said Bara.   
Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau told Bara that he has played a very crucial role in our policing life. Y
“You have supported us; you have mentored us and showed us the right track to grow on. Your absence will be felt every second. We all are honoured to be linked with you, no matter how much your tenure has been; but it has been our privilege to witness your guidance for our future. Your guidance has made us better leaders.”
Mangau said though he was leaving, the kind of work culture and attitude he built not only within the workplace but in the whole of the RSIPF organization will stay with them forever.
“I on behalf of the organization would like to express the gratitude towards you for sharing with us your valuable ideas and thoughts, which will surely help us take the organization to new heights.”

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