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Local radiographers and technicians celebrate world radiography day

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The Staff and Heads of Department within the National Referral Hospital’s (NRH) Diagnostic Medical Imaging Department this week celebrated the World Radiology Day in Honiara.

The World Radiology is celebrated around the world on November 8th each year to commemorate the discovery of X-Rays of by Wilhem Conrad Roentgen which is a significant scientific breakthrough allowing healthcare professionals to visualize the internal structures of the human body without invasive procedures.


In an exclusive interview, Head of Radiology Emy Karovo Luluku thanked all her fellow colleagues and everyone else involved for the hard work in supporting the Solomon Islands Society of Radiographers in their duties.

“We have only three qualified radiologists in the country with one of them recently retiring and we owed a lot to him for what he has set. It is a really hard work for the two and our local technicians all around the country regarding our big population”.

“We started celebrating this event only in 2017 and then carried on after every two years where we recognized the hard work of our radiographers and technicians”, she added.

Mrs. Luluku also emphasized the important roles of the radiographers and technicians and the skills they required.

“We assist the doctors in providing diagnosis to sick patients before they are treated and managed, the work of our technicians is to visualize internal structures of the body using x-rays, we also have ultra-sound service and CT scans”.

“We then have the specialized radiologists who their job is to read the images produced by the technicians”, Luluku explained.

With all the radiologist in the country being male, Mrs. Luluku also encouraged aspiring female doctors in the country to consider the field of radiology.

“There’s nothing hard about being a female radiologist, so I encourage our female doctors to enter the field of radiology and there are plenty of opportunities awaiting them”. She added.

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