In two graduation ceremonies 45 students graduated with life skills and knowledge enabling them to create their own businesses

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A graduation ceremony held at the DIVIT Rural Training Centre last week saw 30 students received their certificates in the area of life skills, two with carpentry and 9 with agriculture certificates.

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In the second graduation ceremony at the San Isidro Christian Care Centre in Visale, 10 young men and 5 young women left with certificates having successfully undertaken studies which included carpentry, agriculture and home economics.

For the 15 males, each of them received a too-box loaded with various hand tools for carpentry whilst for the girls; each of them received a singer sewing machine with a pair of gardening tools and an axe.

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The tools were given mainly to help them do whatever they want when they go back to their respective homes.

San Isidro presented the tools with a hope that when the graduates’ return home, they can use them to benefit their livelihood and their families.

The training the young women enjoyed at the DIVIT Rural Training Centre helped to develop their skills and knowledge so they, too, could run their own business.Additionally, the knowledge the young women acquired should allow them to train others in their homes and who might not have had the opportunity of going to school.
Source:  Solomon Star News.

The training provided young women and young men at the DIVIT Rural Training Centre and at the San Isidro Christian Care Centre is appreciated and both centres deserve much credit for the fine work they do in helping young Solomon Islanders learn life skills and knowledge to better their livelihoods and prospects.

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