Home Breaking News Illegal extra lights on Honiara vehicles under police radar

Illegal extra lights on Honiara vehicles under police radar

Examples of extra lights on vehicles. Photo: google
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Police say extra illegal lights on vehicles are usually removed during inspections at the Ministry of Infrastructure but are often mounted back on the vehicles after vehicles are passed.

Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau said that as he responded to a question today from journalists about the growing number of illegal lights mounted on vehicles in Honiara. The lights have distracted both drivers and pedestrians – who have expressed their concerns.

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Mangau said there are a lot of issues that his Traffic officers have encountered, which are also of concern to the road users.

“We are working with the Road Committee to deal with the issue and other stakeholders,” he said.

Mangau adds a working group has also been established under the Road Transport Board to address the issue.

He explains that usually vehicles that undergo test at MID such extra accessories have been removed but they are often mounted back on the after inspection.

Mangau said currently the Board is working to fill the gap in the traffic regulation so that they can implement it and deal with those illegal lights.

Honiara city has experienced extra lights being mounted on vehicles –some in multiple colours.

Under law only police and those in emergency services like St John and Fire vehicles have.

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