Home News Hon Tausinga urges gov’t to investigate ‘ghost’ recipients of constituency funds

Hon Tausinga urges gov’t to investigate ‘ghost’ recipients of constituency funds

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MEMBER of Parliament for West New Georgia Vona Vona Hon Silas Tausinga has denied that his constituency received any $200,000 for machinery equipment.

Hon Tausinga made the clarification following a list containing names of MPs was circulated on social media, which misleadingly claimed West New Georgia Vona Vona as one of the recipients.

“To set the record straight, the constituency nor myself never applied for any funding of $200,000 for any machinery,” he said.

Hon Tausinga said the million-dollar question is if West New Georgia Vona Vona never applied and never received such payment then who is the recipient.

The Opposition MP said this is not the first time this has happened.

Hon Tausinga said in 2017 the constituency signed a contract for shipping grant but the constituency never received any funding although records showed it was paid out.

He adds in 2021, the constituency also applied for $200,000 under the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) for infrastructure development for Noro Town Council.

He said the funding was paid out but was also never received by the constituency.

“So who were the recipients? Maybe the Ministry of Infrastructure & Development and the Finance Ministry should clarify this,” Tausinga said.

The Opposition MP called on the responsible Ministers and their officials to investigate these payments and to set the record straight.





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