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Health confirms deaths in malaria and dengue

Dr. Nemia Bainivalu
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Undersecretary for the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) Dr Nemia Bainivalu during Friday’s press conference confirmed that there are deaths relating to Malaria and Dengue fever following its current increase in the past weeks.

Dr Bainivalu also said that the responsible divisions within the ministry are currently focused closely monitoring the diseases reports because of the increase.

“With the monitoring aspect there are four key components or approaches that the ministry is using to addresses these diseases and they are; prevention, early detection effective treatment and vector control’, said Dr Bainivalu.

Bainivalu also added that the type of malaria currently faced is the plasmodium vivax which in terms the term o its biology is that it can lay dormant in the body especially in the liver and can re-emerge if not treated properly.

“A very important part when we tell patients to take their Primaquine doses  for the full 14 days, because sometimes after taking first few doses patients might feel better but they have to complete their entire doses “

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