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Gov’t says PKJ’s fear of separate trainings of RSIPF is baseless

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MP Junior Kenilorea fearmongering

Concern of fear raised by the MP for East Are’Are Honorable Peter Kenilorea Junior regarding separate trainings for our police force is baseless and based purely on his own personal interest and disdain for Chinese.  

Any rightful thinking Solomon Islanders will appreciate the police force trainings provided by any of our bilateral friends. Solomon Islands continue to welcome assistance from everyone whether they are from Asia or the Western world.

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China and Australia just like Solomon Islands are full members of the United Nations with equal status. All cooperation between Solomon Islands and its bilateral partners are driven by the interests and needs of Solomon Islands and observes the principles and spirit of the UN Charter.

PKJ should know better than this.

All training received from different countries by RSIPF compliments each other and enriches the capability and capacity of the Force. RSIPF service and duty is to preserve the rule of law, peace and security in the country.

Hosting two different bilateral partners to build the capacity of our police force is not alien as Kenilorea Junior would like to assume. Other countries in the world also embrace such opportunity and Solomon Islands is no different. As a leader Kenilorea Junior should welcome the trainings imparted to our officers by our two bilateral partners.

The police’s code of ethics is the principle guide that govern the work of the force, that being said whatever trainings acquired by police will have to conform to the letters of the code of ethics. This defeats the notion perpetuated by Kenilorea Junior that the different trainings are detrimental to the work of Police. 

Solomon Islands is a sovereign nation and makes its decision independently from the influence of others.

The government views the fearmongering by PKJ as trying to incite public discontent to fuel his own personal gain.

He has shown double standard to the public by the contradiction of his public discourse about the many so-called national issues against his personal interest.

For example, he has brainwashed the MARA government and hardworking people of Malaita by not accepting PRC funded Project into Malaita whilst silently opening his arms to receiving $1.8 M for the past three years. It is clear that when it comes to money he does not care where it comes from. This is hypocritical of him. If he does not support China, he should return this funding.

PKJ should rather explain to the general public how does he utilizes the CDF amount of $1.8 million he received every year from China since he became the MP for East Are’ Are. But he would not like to reveal this side of him because to do so would show to the people of Malaita that he is using them for his own political interest. PKJ has put his own political interest above those of the people of Malaita.

If he is in his right state of mind, he should acknowledge the continuous assistance rendered by our bilateral friends in different spheres.


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