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Gov’t says negative results of China flight show its commitment to safeguard citizens

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THE negative results of all passengers that flew China and released this week has demonstrated the government’s high regard and solemn commitment to safeguard the people and country against COVID 19.

A Government statement today said prior to the China flight, the government has assured citizens in the country that all passengers regardless of their status or nationality must satisfy all testing protocols before boarding the flight and upon arrival in Honiara.

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“On arrival, the passengers have had to undergo our testing protocols as well as required by the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) (No.3) Regulations 2020,” it said.

The statement said the negative test results have also determined the graduation of the passengers’ release from quarantine centers on Wednesday this week.

“The negative results have proven beyond doubt that all passengers have satisfied all testing and quarantine protocols and have been declared safe by our health authorities to be released into the community,” the statement said.

The statement said the negative results have also confirmed that firstly, our testing protocols are effective, accurate and is of high standards as certified by the World Health Organization.

Secondly, the statement said it also reaffirmed the government’s unwavering stand and that is to protect the people and our country from the deadly virus.

“The government’s number one priority and commitment is to protect the people and country from the virus, “it said.

Meanwhile, the government statement reiterated sentiments echoed by the Prime Minister said despite the heavy criticisms leveled against the government, it remains committed and steadfast.

“The Government have constantly being criticized for doing its best in keeping our people and country safe. As a Government, we accept those criticisms, but keeping our country and people safe is our number one priority. The Government is doing everything within its means to keep the deadly virus from entering the country” the statement re-emphasized the Prime Minister’s statement this week.

The statement also reiterated that the law will deal with the person that have breached quarantine protocols and his accomplice.

His accomplice is also currently quarantined and will be released after satisfying the mandatory 14 days quarantine and thereafter the police and the courts will deal with him.


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