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Government reminds workers to abide by laws of Australia and not to disengage

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The Solomon Islands Government has reminded workers under the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) Scheme to abide by the laws of Australia and to avoid disengaging from their contracts while given opportunity significant privilege to work there.

This reminder was echoed by the Supervising Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Cornelius Walegerea when addressing 118 workers at a Pre-Departure Briefing on Tuesday (28TH November 2023).

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Mr Walegerea stressed that labour mobility workers are ambassadors for their country and are expected to uphold the highest standards of behaviour and ensuring a positive reputation for all Solomon Island labour mobility workers.

“Know the laws of your host country, you are a guest and you are not immune from any prosecution, if you caught breaking the laws of Australia, you will be apprehended, detained, fine, imprisoned, deported and excluded from future PALM employment.

The issue of absconding or disengagement has been on the rise recently and Solomon Islands Government continues to warn workers not run away, as the consequences of disengagement includes loss of care of Employer in terms of support services, health insurance, and incompliance with Solomon Island Government policies and Australian laws.

Mr Walegerea reiterates that should workers have any issues, they should seek help and assistance from the Solomon Islands High Commission in Canberra, Brisbane Consulate Office and Country Liaison Officers who are on the ground to assist with the support of the Labour Mobility Unit (LMU) in Honiara.

He further congratulated and commended the workers for being selected. Special mention was made of the fact that out of the 118 workers, 88 are females and 30 males.

On behalf of the Solomon Islands Government, the Supervising Permanent Secretary acknowledged the support provided by the Australian government for the Labour mobility programme in the Solomon Islands.

He said Solomon Islands has benefited hugely from the programme as it is a win-win for the economies of both countries as well as individually for the workers and their families


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