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Former Police chief visits Rove Headquarter

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) has welcomed a former Commissioner of the RSIPF, Mr Peter Marshall to the Rove Police Headquarters in Honiara on 26 November 2019.

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Commissioner Matthew Varley says, “This week some of my Executives and myself took the opportunity to offer former Commissioner Mr Marshall to see progress of the RSIPF after 2011.”

“Former Commissioner Marshall visited the Police Respond Team (PRT) and Close Personal Protection (CPP) Unit located in the National Respond Department (NRD), the Interpol facility, RSIPF gym and Forensic building at the Rove Police Headquarters. These are some of the facilities that were built after Mr Marshall left the RSIPF in 2011,” says Commissioner Varley.

Mr Marshall was briefed on the training of the PRT and CPP officers, who are the only armed units with the RSIPF. The officers of these Units have demonstrated their capability and professionalism to provide firearm capability for the RSIPF.

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The Interpol facility was opened in December 2017 after Solomon Islands joined it on 27 September 2017 as the 192 member of the INTERPOL network. The Interpol enables the RSIPF to share information on global security risks and cooperate in the fight against transnational crime with other member states police forces.

The RSIPF gym is a facility to promote fitness and health for officers through regular exercises.

The Forensic building is a new building completed in June 2017. It has new forensic equipment that enables it to trace evidence such as blood, hair, and fibres to be detected and collected from crime scene using a Poli-Light and then recorded using specialised digital photography techniques.

Prior to the visit, Assistant Commissioner (AC) of the RSIPF Simpson Pogeava met former RSIPF Commissioner Peter Marshall in Honiara on 24 November 2019. Mr Marshall is in the country on a private visit.

“I was happy to meet former RSIPF Commissioner Peter Marshall this week in Honiara. He was my mentor and has contributed a lot to the RSIPF especially senior officers and we are happy to see him during his private visit,” says AC Pogeava.

“It is great that Mr Marshall is able to be given the opportunity to see the progress of the RSIPF since he left in 2011.”“

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