Home News Fishermen rescued after floating from Ramos Island to Choiseul

Fishermen rescued after floating from Ramos Island to Choiseul

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Police in Choiseul Province have confirmed that a missing boat with two people who went on a fishing trip at Ramos Island on 28 September 2023 had landed safely at Borokuni village in North West Choiseul on 6 October 2023.

Acting Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Inspector Elliot Ngili said the missing persons had actually sighted land on 1 October and it wasn’t until 6 October that they came near it, which they later recognised a Choiseul.

He said: “It was due to light wind that the two men utilised and set their sail to head towards the island. As they got closer, they used their reserved fuel to get nearer to the island. However their outboard motor stopped due to fuel shortage but fortunately the villagers came and rescued them.”

The survivors were taken care of by the Borokuni community until they recovered and were transported to Taro police Station on 9 October 2023.

The two survivors are now on their way to Honiara with the assistance of Choiseul Provincial Government through the Disaster Office.”

They are from Malaita.


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