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Female police officer who buys beer & joins mob to attack villagers under investigation

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A female police officer who bought alcohol for a group of males and accompanied them to allegedly attacked and burnt down five dwelling houses and damaged other properties in the Guadalcanal Plains is the latest subject to internal police investigations.

Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau today faced similar questions from journalists quizzing on the latest behavior of his officers—this time a female officer who works at the Rove Police Headquarter.

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According to Mangau, the female officer who is in her 30s bought beer for a group of nine males before accompanying them to burn down houses in a land dispute case between two villages just next to GPPOL 3 on Monday this week.

Mangau told journalists that the female officer provided beer for the nine suspects before they attacked a nearby village and chased the villagers.

He added they were armed with bush knive and axes.

The commissioner said during attack they burnt down five houses and two semi permanent kitchens, damaged a vehicle, water pump, water supply pipes and removed two 070 chainsaws.

An elderly female was injured and another male also sustained knife wounds, said Mangau.

According to Mangau, one suspect was arrested by Henderson Police and investigations into the case is continuing.

Involvement of the Female officer

Mangau said the female officer has been referred to the Professional Standards and Internal Investigations (PSII) and  he has directed them to prioritize the case given its seriousness.

 He expressed his disappointment saying: “We are not encouraged to take part in such activities. But police is there to provide safety and protection of our people to ensure such things don’t happen in our communities. If it happens then she should step in and prevent it.”

Mangau said such behaviour does not reflect the RSIPF but it it tarnishes the reputation of the organsation and they would seriously look at it.

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