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East Malaita constituents take delivery of OBMs’

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Constituents of East Malaita have taken delivery of 24 new Suzuki outboard motor (OBM) engines this week, which will boost health services and increase fisheries activities in the area.

Deputy Prime Minister and East Malaita MP, Hon. Manasseh Maelanga procured sixteen 15HP and four 40HP engines totalling $540,000.00 from Lee Kwok Kuen using constituency funds to deliver the project.

The assistance has targeted improved health services and fisheries activities for coastal communities in the constituency, which are featured in the constituency’s development plan.

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A recipient Wilred Folota of A’arai Clinic, ward 16, speaking on behalf of their community said they are grateful for the timely support, which will improve transporting emergency cases to area Health Centres like Nafinua and Atoifi Hospital.

“In the past, we used to rely and wait for the hospitals’ boat to ferry seriously ill patients to our bigger health clinics. But with this new engines, referral cases will be transported in a timely fashion which will save lives.”

Registered Nurse Mr. Folota said the engines will also help them conduct their immunization programs in the rural areas with ease.

Another recipient and constituency zone 13 representative of Kwai Island Eddie Munro zone 13 said their livelihood entirely depend on fishing and the OBM engines given is supportive towards their sustenance.

“People of Kwai and Ngongosila earn income by selling of fresh catch from outside waters of Leli Island.

“We always provide sea food at the Faumamanu market.

“We are indebted to Hon. Maelanga and his constituency office for their continuous support since this will be the third round of OBM engines and fibre glass canoes distribution to coastal communities,” the East Malaita elder said.
Hon Maelanga said this is a rolling project and will continue for other applicants in his constituency.

“For this round, we first deliver OBM engines. Next will be fibreglass canoes depending on availability of funds later this year.

“Our aim is to equip each household in the coastal areas with OBM engines along with boats.

“The Constituency office will continue to work with ward committees to identify areas for enhancement of livelihood and accessing basic services,” Hon. Maelanga said.

The OBM set were shipped to East Malaita on-board M.V Gulatata’e yesterday.

The East Malaita MP this round also funded road extension for inland communities of his constituency like the recent Mamulele-Taba’akwaru road project.


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