Hon Dettke, his CDO Junior Suga and some women standing infront of the chicken layer nets that were distributed over the weekend
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TWENTY-SIX communities consisting of women groups within Tandai and Sahalu from Northwest Guadalcanal Constituency will be proud recipients of chicken layer projects.

The women groups over the weekend have signed off their projects with the Northwest Guadalcanal Constituency Office.

The first phase of the project is expected to cost around SBD $2 Million.


Member of Parliament Hon Bodo Dettke on Saturday and Sunday last week met with the women groups as he launched the beginning of the phase one chicken layer project to the respective communities.

As part of the first phase, 26 communities have identified 10 women in their respective communities to look after 240 birds per project.

This means each of the ten women in a group will have a responsibility to look after 24 birds within a community and 240 birds as a group.

Hon Dettke told the women groups that the target is to increase their groups within the communities to 1000 birds for a group of 10 women in a constituency.

Around 7000 birds will be delivered as part of phase one of the project with the constituency office also building chicken layer houses and delivering free chicken feeds to start off each community.

Hon Dettke also explained that the constituency office will also be assisting with the transportation of eggs to Honiara markets when the projects are up and running.

Hundreds of women that gathered during the meeting have expressed thankfulness towards the project.

Mrs Fragrance Balovala on behalf of the women thanked the MP for Northwest Guadalcanal stating that this was one of the projects women were longing for.

She encouraged women to work together as this will generate a lot of income for their families.

“We have seen and faced the hardships of travelling to the market each week to earn only little money to bring home to our families. This project will greatly benefit us if we look after it properly,” she said.

Mrs Gwen Vola also encouraged women to have a changed and positive mindset.

She said this project is a game changer for communities that will assist women of Northwest Guadalcanal Constituency.

“I thank Hon Dettke for this timely project that will assist us and our families. This will generate income right at our doorsteps,” she said.

She said this is the first MP in the history of the constituency that will deliver such project.

As of Sunday last week, truckloads of chicken layer nets were delivered to recipient communities.

Carpenters from the constituency office will also start to build the chicken layer houses in the communities in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, the Northwest Constituency Office CDO Junior Suga have also informed women during the meeting of updated projects to be delivered to communities before Parliament dissolves.

  • 750 new solar 50watts

  • Next phase of 400 sets of farming tools

  • 1000 toilet facility for communities

  • Housing materials

  • 16 trucks to assist farmers

  • Hymn books, Bibles, common prayer books and materials for 69 Churches

  • Third phase of 300 singer sewing machines for women

  • Brush cutters

  • Water tanks for communities

  • On going community support on water polly pipes and fittings.

  • Ongoing community assistances for churches, community halls, rest houses.

  • 50 new barbeque stands for Kakabona women for PG 2023 preparations

Women and men that attended the gathering on Saturday and Sunday last week have expressed their deepest appreciation to Hon Dettke and his constituency office.

“It is up to us to look after the project, manage ourselves and to trust the progress,” Mrs Vola adds.


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