Home News Crime statistics increase because of more reports to RSIPF

Crime statistics increase because of more reports to RSIPF

6 December 2019: The crime statistics recorded by the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) has increased over the past several years because of the growing confidence by members of the community in the police.

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During the weekly police media conference in Honiara yesterday (5 December 2019) Acting Commissioner Mostyn Mangau explains: “We strongly believe that the crime statistics for Solomon Islands continues to increase because with the confidence in the police witnesses to crime are more likely to report incidents compared to before. The increase does not mean there’s a crime wave in the country.”

Acting Commissioner Mangau adds: “For the year 2017, the RSIPF recorded a total 6,030 offences for the estimated population of 500,000 people, whereas in 2018 RSIPF recorded about 6,670 cases. From January to October this year, the number of cases reported has increased to 8,910.

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“Honiara City recorded a high number of criminal cases from 2017 to 2018 compared to all the provinces.”

“Although there may be some troubling increases in crime in Honiara and the provinces, there is no evidence of a national crime wave. However, some of the drivers of crimes were associated with human behaviour and character, alcohol and possible drug (marijuana) use, land and family disputes,” Acting Commissioner Mangau emphasises.

“The increase in the awareness campaigns by the police and other stakeholders has made people to be more aware of their rights including the Family Protection Act.”

For domestic violence cases, the RSIPF has recorded around 1,118 from January to 17th November 2019. In 2017 RSIPF recorded 735 cases, while in 2018, 652 cases were recorded.

There were less sexual assault cases recorded over the years. However, from 2017 to 2019 the sexual assault cases which have been categorised under public morality, have grown.

In 2017 a total of 102 sexual cases were recorded and in 2018 the figure has increased to 143 cases. So far in 2019, 204 cases have been recorded.

The RSIPF Crime Statics also reveal the number of suspicious deaths from January to November 2019 have increased to 48 cases compared to only three cases in 2018 and 10 cases in 2017.

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