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COVID-19 vaccination cards faked

Pictured is a genuine vaccination card issued by the government.
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Some Covid-19 vaccination cards have been faked and those responsible will be prosecuted, the government warns, today.

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“It has come to our notice that there are vaccination cards that have been faked. We are investigating it,” the Secretary to the Prime Minister, Dr. Jimmy Rodgers, said.

It has surfaced on the social media that photocopied cards have been issued—in comparison to the coloured and authenticated cards issued by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

Dr. Rodgers confirms there are cards that have been faked and people are writing names on them.

As a result of that, he has cautioned that the 150 workers’ who will be flying out to New Zealand for seasonal work will have their cards checked to ensure that they a genuine.

Dr. Rodgers further confirms that they will be working with Foreign Affairs to check with the 150 RSE workers’ vaccination cards.

“We will check the 150 cards that are authentic, only those with authentic (cards) will be allowed to board the plane. Any photocopied cards will not be allowed.”

In that regard, they are calling on the 150 people to bring forward their cards to be validated.

Dr. Rodgers warns that if anything’s gone wrong the whole future of labour mobility will be in danger.

Meanwhile. Dr. Rodgers warns that anyone who who is holding on to ‘fake cards’ must know that it is wrong and illegal and if they are caught they will prosecute them including those that supply them.


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