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Despite having no reported case of the Novel Corona Virus, the Government is continuing with its preparedness to prevent the importation and potential spread of the virus in country.

Strict measures put in place so far include the grounding of international flights except for flights carrying essential CONID-19 related cargo. This are assessed on a case by case basis. The two seaports of Honiara and Noro continue to operate with strict measures in place at the points of entry.

On 8th March, Parliament has extended the declaration of the State of Public Emergency for an additional four months, further consolidating the government’s effort to see the country remains COVID-19 free. The starting date for the four months remains at 25th March 2020.

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In Guadalcanal Province and Honiara City mass gatherings have been limited along with the closure of schools, temporary halt on recreational activities, scaling down of non-essential public government services and repatriation of city dwellers back to their home provinces.

The curfew hours implemented over the Easter Weekend further displays the government’s seriousness and commitment to protecting its citizens and residence from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile National Disaster Operations Committees (N-DOC) Sector Committees are planning and implementing their Operation and Response Plans based on what is informed by SIG’s COVID-19 graded response structure and for case scenarios.

The case scenarios gives specific instructions to Sector Committees on what action to take for Zero up to 5 confirm cases of COVID-19. The N-DOC Sector Committees include Health, Camp Management, Infrastructure, Livelihood, Protection and Education.

Since Honiara City shares common land boundaries with Guadalcanal Province and have interdependencies on many basic service, similar planning process is also in place there.

All the other Provinces have also stepped up their covid-19 preparedness planning and awareness programmes.

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