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COVID-19 Operation scales down, food provision ceases

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The National Disaster Management office through the National Emergency Operation Center Camp Management Team has been scaling down on its Covid 19 Operation following a recent resolution by the oversight committee.

A statement from the NEOC said that as part of the step by step operational down scale, the Camp Management Team has ceased the provision of meals or food services to all Solomon Islands Government (SIG) operated quarantine stations, as of 1st June, 2022. This means that the SIG through the NEOC and Camp Management Team has stopped food provision to occupants and SIG agencies that engaged in the covid 19 quarantine responses. All quarantine occupants and SIG agencies/officers as of 1st June are responsible for their own meals, the statement adds. However, the statement explained that, there are options to ensure that occupants and respective agencies being engaged still access provision of meals as the NDC is gradually scaling down its camp management quarantine station operations. The options include,

  1. Occupants to provide for their own means by direct purchase to catering service providers or family and relatives to provide for meals to their relative or family members in the quarantine stations.

Meals to be packed and directly delivered to Quarantine stations on a designated area at the Quarantine Station and Quarantine manager will pickup and deliver the package to the occupants according to the quarantine protocols.

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  1. SIG agencies to organize with catering service providers and responsible for the cost of the meals. This means, that any SIG organization would like to continue with meals provisions to their officers, will have to foot the bills out of their respective budgets.

The NDMO through the NEOC has encouraged provincial based operations committees (P-DOCs) to also implement similar scale down exercises as the country is gradually transitioning into adapting and living with COVID-19 and return to normalcy.

The National Disaster Management Office through the NEOC and PEOCs’ are currently implementing its exit strategy on COVID-19.

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