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Chinese Ambassador says China aid goes to projects, not to a few consultants

Ambassador Ming
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Chinese Ambassador to Solomon Islands, Li Ming uses his first public statement of the year to spell out his country’s position stating: China never exports its values, never boasts itself as “lighthouse of democracy”, never hand out “blank cheques”. Adding, China aid goes to projects, not to a few consultants.

Ming wrote: “China aid is based on equality and respect. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. This is a maxim by Confucius, a world famous philosopher of ancient China. In the past 100 years, China has suffered from poverty, wars, and disunity, bullied by western powers. Those are the reasons why China values peace, sovereignty and independence. When it comes to aid, China respects the need of recipient governments and people. All China-aid projects in Solomon Islands are implemented upon full consultations with the government of Solomon Islands.”

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He stressed that China aid is based on non-interference.

“Foreign aid is not a political tool. No country should use aid to interfere with domestic affairs of others,” said Ming.

He adds in Solomon Islands, China respects sovereignty of the national government when cooperating with provinces on aid projects.

“China never exports its values, never boasts itself as ‘lighthouse of democracy’, never hands out ‘blank cheques’.

“We do not make irresponsible comments and dishonor recipient countries. And we stand ready to make friends with all, enemy to none. All parties, all provinces and all walks of life in Solomon Islands can become our friends,” said the ambassador.

He said China’s assistance to rural villages has already benefited all constituencies in nine provinces, including Guadalcanal, Malaita, Western, Isabel, Choiseul, Temuto, Renbell, Central, and Makira. That also covers ruling parties, opposition parties and independent MPs.

Ming  claims that China aid produces tangible outcomes and Aid is not a game of rhetoric.

He recalls that in the past two years since diplomatic relations established between China and Solomon Islands, people have seen and felt real benefits of China’s development projects.

He says the PG2023 Stadium facilities are rising up, SINU Dormitories Project is progressing well and SinoPharm vaccines are welcomed by local people.

Min claims that many SI friends are deeply impressed by its rapid progress when passing by the Stadiums construction site.

“Local workers are happy to learn new techniques and skills from Chinese colleagues. China aid goes to projects, not to a few consultants,” he said.


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