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Deputy Press Sec Marau fired again, accepts termination

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Deputy Press Secretary to the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, Douglas Marau, has been terminated for the second time BUT this round “he has accepted his removal.”

Marau confirmed to this magazine that he’s been terminated and accepted it with humility.

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Marau who was a press secretary to two former prime ministers and leader of the opposition was deputy press secretary to Sogavare in the past two years.

Writing on his FB wall today, Marau thanked his former boss Sogavare.

“Today I was officially handed my termination letter as deputy press secretary to Prime Minister. This is the second time I was terminated from this position,” Marau wrote.

He recalled that in September 2019, he accompanied the Foreign Minister then to the UNGA in New York, upon arrival he was handed his termination for claims “we supported MPs behind the China switch.”

“I accepted in good faith. Few weeks later I got a text from the Prime Minister that he did not endorse my resignation. So in January 2020, the Prime Minister personally wrote a minute to me to be reinstated. I humbly accepted and continued to serve him and the Government of Solomon Islands diligently.

“Today, upon receiving my letter dated Dec 10 2021, it is unfortunate that none of my bosses have the guts to hand over my original letter and explain my termination, although I have already read the minutes they wrote to remove me,” said the former deputy press secretary.

Marau continued: “I understand their intention not to consult me and give me the option to resign but opted to terminate me the second time to discredit my reputation. But despite all this, I take this opportunity to thank the Prime Minister for giving me the opportunity to serve you and the Government and people of Solomon Islands.”

“I have done my best. At least, I have left behind a landmark project for the Government to reintroduce the ‘gavman toktok’ newspaper you requested and many more. I have served three Prime Ministers and one Opposition Leader in the past nine years in the political office and I know my termination stemmed out of jealousy and hatred. But, I humbly walkout with my heads high and accept this with greatest humility,” said Marau.

Marau started his career as a journalist with the Solomon Star after graduating from Divine Word University with a degree in Communications Arts (Journalism) before joining as the press secretary to the then PM Gordon Darcy Lilo in 2013. He was also the press secretary to another former PM Rick Hou and also press secretary to Jeremiah Manele when he was the leader of opposition.

In his recent job, he was deputy press secretary to current head of press, Leni Dalavera.

Besides DWU, Marau also attended USP in Fiji where he did post graduate studies.

Marau is also the Vice President of the Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI).

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