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China donates first-ever Haemodialysis for NRH & $300k

Minister of Health Togamana receives machine from Chinese AmbassadorAmbassador Li Ming last week.
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Friday last week, another important progress in the health sector was witnessed. The delivery and handing over of a hemodialysis Machine by China to the National Referral Hospital (NRH). This was done alongside an official announcement of another 300,000 USD support towards ongoing COVID-19 vaccination rollout in the Solomon Islands including associated logistical needs.

The delivery of the machine and the announcement of the financial support were made by the People’s Republic of China Ambassador to the Solomon Islands Mr. Li Ming to the Minister of Health Hon. Dr Culwick Togamana who received it with much appreciation and gratitude.

The hemodialysis machine is a treatment to filter wastes and water from the blood, similar to the functions of the kidney when it is healthy. In other words, patients with kidney problems have kidneys that are not functioning well or 100 percent and therefore some wastes and water that should have been removed from the blood gets recirculated again in the body’s bloodstream.

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This can potentially affect and lead to the failure of other body organs such as the heart, liver, etc. as these wastes that re-enters the bloodstream are poisonous.

Having the haemodialysis machine at the national referral hospital will enable patients with kidney problems to undergo hemodialysis treatment for the removal of wastes and unwanted water from the patient’s body so they can live longer and more comfortably.

Ambassador Li Ming in his remarks when handing over the machine said that it was indeed an honor to handover the machine which is part and parcel of the overall health cooperation signed between the government of China and Solomon Islands in May this year during the state visit of Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

“I hope that the hemodialysis machine donated by China will further strengthen treatment and care level at the hospital and that China remains committed to support efforts of Solomon Islands in improving and enhancing response to health emergencies and health care system”, stated Mr. Li.

With the 300,000 USD support, Mr. Li announced that the Chinese government is once again pleased to provide financial support towards efforts to roll out COVID-19 vaccination and the logistics involved.

“The financial support towards COVID-19 efforts is part of our commitment to promote the concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind and a community of common health for mankind. Since the outbreak has provided 920,000 USD dollar anti COVID-19 funding support, 500,000 PPEs, 100,000 Sinopharm vaccines and 300,000 antigen test kits including oxygen concentrators and oximeter to manage COVID-19 patients. Today I am pleased to announce the further support of 300,000 US”, stated Mr. Li.

In response, health Minister Hon. Dr Culwick Togamana thanked China stating that since the inception of the diplomatic relations between Solomon Islands and China, the health sector has greatly benefited from the many wonderful support received from China.

“Today we once again received yet another important support. One that will greatly enhance our level of care and treatment for our patients at NRH. In this regard, patients at NRH who are suffering from kidney conditions and other sicknesses that stem from the failure of the kidney to perform its functions will stand to benefit from this machine”,

“Most admissions at NRH are caused by Non-Communicable Diseases, mainly diabetes and hypertension. These are diseases related to problems with the kidneys. These are leading causes of deaths and admissions at NRH. Today we have an opportunity help those suffering from these health conditions to improve their level of comfort. Thank you indeed to the government and people of China”, said Minister Togamana.

He also thanked China for continuous financial support stating that the 300,000 USD will greatly enable current efforts to roll out COVID-19 vaccines and increase coverage and deal with many logistical issues.

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