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The Church Agencies Network Disaster Operations (CANDO) consortium of the SDA in the Solomon Islands has successfully completed two separate disaster trainings in Malaita Province.

The first training was organized for both Surabuta and Foau committee in East Malaita was held at Foau on June 3rd -7th while the second training was held at Talakali village in Langalanga Lagoon for Talakalai Committee which started on June 10th and successfully ended on Friday 14th June 2024.

Surabuta and Foau have 14 participants each attended the training while Talakali have 16 participants also attended the training.

The aimed of the workshop was to capacitate the Community Disaster Risks Committee to lead an inclusive preparedness and disaster responses in their own community in terms of Risks Reduction Activities, and managing their evacuation center whenever a disaster occurs.

The two weeks training was an on-going project supported by French Government through Anglican over Aid and channel through and implemented by the CANDO Partners which led implementers was an Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Solomon Islands.

Theme of the training during this two week was Building resilience for people with disabilities.

The training was facilitated by Duran Taupongi, Project Coordinator of ADRA Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Project with the support of CANDO volunteers.

Trainer Facilitator, Duran Taupongi, Project Coordinator for ADRA DRR Project said, the workshop is important for participants to get information about disaster and prepare them during disaster.

‘’This training is very important because its covers different aspects which often experience in a disaster situation such as introduction to Disaster, Child Protection, Gender, Safe guiding, Evacuation Centre Management, Psychosocial First Aid, Rapid Need Assessment, Relief Distribution, Simulation exercise, formulation of their committee, developed their disaster response plan’’

‘’By sharing and learning on these components, it can help a community to be resilient and have basic knowledge on what to do before, during and after a disaster situation,’’Mr Taupongi said.

CANDO is The Church Agencies Network – Disaster Operations (CAN DO) was formed in 2015 to better coordinate and strengthen our global humanitarian, disaster risk reduction and management (DRR/DRM) and resilience building work.

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