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Brothers’ to face law, CCTV helps to identify runaway driver

FILE PHOTO: Solomon Airlines during one of its repatriation flights.
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Police and those manning the Pacific Casino Quarantine Centre had to turn to footages from CCTV in the hotel to identify the Chinese who sneaked in and collected a plastic from his brother quarantined at the hotel only a day after arriving from the direct flight from China.

The breach of quarantine rules has caused havoc in the camp and the government has reacted strongly by promising to dig to the bottom of the issue. And though the Chinese who breached quarantine rules has been tested negative for COVID-19, it has caused fear amongst Honiara residents.

Today, the Commissioner of Police, Mostyn Mangau has shed some light into the issue in his weekly press conference.

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He revealed that the man is a brother of another Chinese who has recently arrived from China and both are now in quarantine.

Mangau said the breach is now subject for police investigation but admits that “it is totally wrong to do it.”

According to Mangau, the plastic was passed from the Chinese brother’s room into another room – before it was picked up by the person who breached the quarantine rules.

He said soon after that the camp management team was alerted but the Chinese had escaped— however his photograph was captured on CCTV which they used to identify him.

The police chief said said based on that police helped health authorities to identify the man. He is also now quarantined.

Mangau assured the public that police would be dealing with the brothers’ as it was a clear breach of the quarantine regulation as soon as they come out of quarantine.

He said they would also be investigating how the plastic was transferred to another room and how it was delivered to the person receiving it.

Furthermore Mangau said they would also be investigating the content of the plastic.


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