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Betikama parents plan legal action against NESU

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Betikama Adventist College parents and guardians are planning to take legal action against the National Examinations and Selection Unit (NESU) of the MEHRD, regarding the final grades being awarded to BAC students for the New Testament Studies (NTS) during the Solomon Islands School Certificate (SISC) exam last year.

It was suspected by the Ministry that the students cheated on this particular exam, with very high marks, some even scoring 100%.

A statement from the parents and guardians said one notable aspect of this suspicion was that, with the multiple choice questions, the same answers were marked wrong from their original choices and the new correct answers marked were virtually the same, “as if someone was doing all such corrections”. For example, where the initial answer circled was B, then later crossed and the correct answer D was circled as the correct answer. The correct answer circled was virtually the correct answer for the multiple choice section.

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They say that something very fishy that the students were rather surprised at.

They clarified that should the decision by NESU to award the students with a final grade of 6 (which really is a failed grade) was done after a full investigation was carried out on the point of suspicion, the Guardian would be fully satisfied. “When such decision to award a failed grade to the students without a full and proper investigation being carried out and a full report submitted to the Ministry, this is the point the we are totally disappointed with and will be lobbying very strongly for other parents’ and guardians’ support to file a legal case against NESU,” the statement said.

“This is the future of our childrens’ education and to just give them a “Failed Grade” without proper assessment, analysis and a full investigation is just not acceptable,” they said.

The parents and guardians presumed that none of the Ministry staff children are attending Betikama, so what’s the big deal about the failed grade given in their SISC results!

That is not on as far as they are concerned, the statement said.

They kindly request the Ministry to undertake a full investigation regarding the NTS SISC for the Betikama students’ exam papers and the NTS markers involved in the marking to verify and confirm their suspicion regarding the cheating by the students, and full investigation report be submitted to the Ministry to finalize and confirm the final grades for the NTS subject for their students.

On another note, the parents and guardians have also queried when the PTA Meeting being assured by the school administration for the beginning of this academic year will be held.

“Parents would like the opportunity for the school administration to brief them on school issues affecting their children and to clarify some concerns they may have regarding the welfare of their children,” the statement, said.


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