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AG confirms leaks are being investigated

AG Muria.
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With growing leaks of government confidential information —the Attorney-General, John Muria Jr, has confirmed that investigations are being carried and once person(s) are found they will be dealt with according to the General Orders (GO).

Muria made the response to journalists’ question on what is the government doing about the leakage of state documents, the latest being correspondences between China and the Government on the PRC’s request to bring in armed security personnel to man their embassy in Honiara.

The leakage has triggered concerns in the government circles as it was only two weeks after the leaking of a top secret security agreement between the PRC and Solomon Islands. PM Manasseh Sogavare described those responsible for the leaks as lunatics.

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Muria said investigations have started already into the leaks.

He explained that like any organizations in an employer and employee relationship — you are expected to obey certain rules.

In the government system, the GO makes those provisions that whatever documents— you have to display confidentiality whatever you come across them and you must not disclose to any other persons, Muria added.

GO is a set of permanent orders governing the duties and behavior of public servants. The GO is made in accordance to the Public Service Act.

Muria added that also in the GO— it even mentions that the Secretary to the Cabinet is the head of public service and anything going into the media or distributed outside must be done with the permission of the Secretary to the Cabinet as the head of public service.

“So, if you breach that— it is the breach of the General Order,” said Muria.

Muria said once breach of that is investigated and found that an employee breaches the GO, there are disciplinary mechanisms available and one that is available is to be terminated from public service for disclosing confidential information.

In terms of the latest leaks, Muria said investigations are being carried out and once person(s) found to be responsible then they will be dealt with according to the GO. One of the consequences is their termination from the public service.

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