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82 graduate nurses commence supervised practice program

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A total of 82 nurses which includes newly graduated nurses from the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) and Atoifi College of Nursing in Malaita Province have commenced their twelve (12) months Supervised Practice Program (internship) as of today.

This followed the official commencement of the 2022 Nurses internship program yesterday, Monday 20th June 2022 where the 82 nurses registered for the program.

Another 60 plus more nurses that graduated from SINU and Atoifi College will commence their internship program later this year.

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During their internship, they will be assessed on their clinical performances amongst other criteria and will be introduced to various departments and programs that contribute to overall health service delivery. Only upon satisfactory completion of the internship program will they be awarded a Registered Nurse status.

Opening the internship program today, Mr. Michael Larui, National Director of Nursing (NDoN) emphasized on the important role that nurses play towards the preservation of health and healthy lifestyle.

“Nurses are at the heart of health teams, playing crucial roles in health promotion, disease prevention and treatment. As health professionals who are closest to the community, nurses have a particular role in providing community based care and supporting local efforts to promote health and prevent diseases”,

“In many rural and remote communities, the only public servant available in serving the people is a nurse. Hence, nurses have a lot of impact on health service delivery”, explained Mr. Larui.

While appreciating the work of nurses, Larui also highlighted that there are issues and challenges that needs to be addressed to improve nursing care.

“Absenteeism, lateness to work, smartness at work are just some of the areas among many that needs to be worked on. This calls for strengthened leadership, motivation of nurses and ensuring nursing professionalism is maintained”, said Mr. Larui.


With the internship program, Larui said that the program is an important strategy in preparing nurses for registration and employment. “Therefore I am urging everyone of you to take this very seriously and put all your efforts into the program so that you ensure you come out of the program successfully to obtain full registration as registered nurse”, advised Mr. Larui.

He also challenged the nurses for good nursing practice in their work places and that issues of refusal to accept postings and deployment including absenteeism, lateness, untidiness etc. must be rooted out of the nursing profession.

“Nursing is based on caring, servanthood, commitment and passion. Any other agendas or driving factors behind your desire to take up this important career apart from these, only tells you that this career is not for you”,

“Be passionate as a nurse, let caring be at the core of your desire to continue on in the career and commit yourselves to tasks and be a good team player with your other colleagues including superiors”, concluded Mr. Larui.

Gracing the event was the MHMS Deputy Secretary Corporate, Dean of Faculty of Nursing Medicine and Health Services, SINU and Department Heads of MHMS and National Referral Hospital.

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