Kereta Sanga, second left, with officers in Brisbane Consulate
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Amidst the chaos brought about by the COVID 19 on national, regional and international levels, government has achieved one of its important policy objectives this week.

The opening of the Consulate General Office in Brisbane, Australia is a tick in the box for one of government’s policy goals.

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On 21 September 2020, our Consulate General Office in Brisbane formally opened its doors and with its opening the Consulate also become the first diplomatic mission to offer passport renewal services.

With tight budget caused by restriction of movement of goods and services, the opening of the Consulate Office and the immigration service it provides is putting the government on the right path in terms of fiscal responsible.

Besides, Consul General, Mr Kereta Sanga also goes down into the history books as the first Consul General to operate the Brisbane diplomatic mission. Sanga is a career diplomat and this is his first overseas assignment.

The establishment of the new Consulate General Office is in line with government’s policy statement 5.1.3 (b) under which the strategic action is for government to “establish the Consulate General in Brisbane”.

With the office now in operational as of September 21, government has achieved a feat worthy of praise especially under the current difficult circumstances.

This week as well, after consulting the Prime Minister and the subsequent signing of election date instrument by Governor General, the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) has announced November 18 as the date for voters of Northeast Guadalcanal and Central Honiara constituencies to go to the polls.

According to SIEC’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jane Waetara, the election date instrument and its proclamation in the gazette thereafter effects the 56 days from now towards election time.

Waetara further added that nomination of candidates would start from 23 September 2020 to 7 October 2020.

With the by- election preparation and timetable now in motion, government has again delivered on its statutory obligation to ensure the peoples’ of Northeast Guadalcanal and Central Honiara constituencies have a voice in parliament.

This feat is no small matter at the backdrop of the difficulties presented by COVID 19 the world over.

In his nationwide address last week, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare highlighted that despite of the many criticisms faced by government, government will continue to deliver.


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