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68 RSIPF recruits graduate as new police constables

Some of the new police officers today
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Several hundred family members, invited guests and officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) today witnessed the graduation of 68 recruit officers as police constables during a ceremony at the Rove Police Headquarters in Honiara today (6 August 2021).

Officers taking Oath before the Commissioner of police
The new female officers

This is the first recruit group for 2021. There are 28 women and 40 men in the group.

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Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Commissioner of Police, Mostyn Mangau says, “It is a proud moment for me as Commissioner, and all of us, to witness these recruits taking their oath of office as police constables and graduating as they prepare themselves for duties as police officers.”

He said these recruits have passed the academic phase of the recruit training, and now are graduating as probationary constables for the next two years.

The recruits will shortly be assigned to stations and departments, initially undertaking operational duties.

“Today you become constables of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force. It is a proud day for you and your families. It is a proud day for the RSIPF,” Commissioner Mangau told the graduating recruits. You are always police officers, day and night, and you are responsible for showing all who meet you that you are proud of that fact and proud of who we are as RSIPF officers. Always wear your uniform with pride. Always remember how proud you felt on the day in the RSIPF Academy when you first put on the blue shirt and hat,” Mangau said.

He continued: “Always remember the pride you feel wearing this uniform today. That sense of pride will guide you on your path as police officers. It will guide you and remind you of the Oath of office you took and the values you stand for. There will be times when your integrity will be challenged, when culture or pressures will make it difficult for you. Do not give in.”

Guest of Honour at the graduation ceremony, Minister of Police, National Security and Correctional Services, Anthony Veke congratulated the RSIPF for taking the new recruits through the training program.

“On behalf of the Solomon Island Government and the people of this country, I wish to congratulate the Commissioner of Police, Mostyn Mangau, your Executive, Solomon Islands Police Development Program (SIPDP), Solomon Island Police Support Program (SIPSP) and the staff of Human Resources Department and RSIPF academy for successfully organising the first recruit group this year 2021,” said Veke.

He emphasised to the new police constables: “To you graduands, let me highlight to you the significance of the Oath of Office that you have taken before the Police Commissioner. This Oath of Office is legibly invaluable and it empowers you as police constables. Importantly, it gives you the powers to perform police duties to the laws of Solomon Islands. I salute and wish you well in your career path, as you commence your policing journey, to discharge the powers vested upon you in serving our communities.”

Minister added, “Now you graduate and become part of the RSIPF as stated by the Commissioner please bear in mind that this comes with the code of ethics that I believe you would have been taught by your academic staff. Please be reminded that you must continue to reflect on the Oath of Office that you have taken, ensuring that you continue to uphold the standards that our community expects from you as disciplined police officers.”

Former Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Melanesia, George Takeli, who is the patron of the first recruit course for this year told the recruits, “As I have already told you during the opening of this recruit program, the theme for this recruit group, ‘A strong police force to influence good moral leadership and effective governance for successful nationhood in Solomon Islands’ provides the basis for understanding the purpose of the work of RSIPF as given in the organisation’s motto.”

The RSIPF motto is “To provide a safe and peaceful Solomon Islands by strengthening relationship with community”.

“This motto is a concise description of the vision and goal for the work of RSIPF to establish peace, security, bring joy and prosperity in Solomon Islands,” said Takeli

He added, “This is the purpose of the work of RSIPF and this work is guided by the standard operating principles including honesty, respect, integrity, diligence, respect for the laws and government.

“This work demands higher competence and personal discipline to carry it out.  As a police officer, you will be expected to conduct yourself with the highest respect and honour to uphold the image, integrity, discipline and values most appropriate to the good image of RSIPF.I would like to acknowledge you for your great achievement and wish you God’s blessing as you take up your new career as a police officer,” said Bishop Takeli

Chairman of the graduation recruits Police Constable Augustine Mafuara says, “I would like to thank the almighty God for continuing blessing during the training period. Though we encountered challenges, temptations and difficulties, we managed to complete the training successfully and have graduated.”

Constable Mafuara says, “Before we joined the Force we saw police officers as just as people wearing the sky-blue uniform. But when we completed the training we now realise that it is not about the uniform but the great role and responsibilities of police officers, the importance of community policing and partnership, team work principles and many more.”  

The second police recruitment for 2021 will start training on 23 August 2021.

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