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6 Councilors’ back Mayor Mamae, reject notice for him to resign

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Six Honiara City Councilors tonight reaffirmed their loyalty to the City Mayor Wilsion Mamae rejecting the notice issued for him to voluntarily resign on Friday.

The Councilors’ Robert oge, Dorah Huapii Irofia, Eddie Siapu, Mostyn Saferio, Clement Terewauri and Luciano Sade in a signed statement tonight said: “With utmost respect and trust to the leadership and mayorship of the City Mayor, Cr. Wilson Mamae, we stand firm and remain loyal to the City Mayor.”

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On Friday, four Councilors led by the deputy mayor Cr. Charles Aiwosuga called on the mayor to voluntarily resign. They made six accusations against him amongst was they no longer had the confidence in his leadership.

But tonight, the four councilors whose names were also on the list (but not all had not the letter) calling on the mayor to resign said the deputy mayor, Cr Reginald Ngati, Cr Billy Abae, Cr Leonard Solomon Sai and Cr Francis Idu are unhappy councilors who have been undermining the leadership and mayorship of Mamae by advancing self-interest based on selective collection of allegations that were thoroughly investigated by rightful authorities.

And in their support to the mayor, the councilors said the meeting of the executive was only called by the City Clerk on the advice of the mayor, thus the so called meeting of the executive committee on 11th of February was not according to procedures that were outlined in the Honiara City (Council Standing Orders) 1999 and as such, the notice was based on resolution of the Executive Committee which was unlawfully authorized.

Those opposed to the mayor claimed that during the meeting the councilors agreed to ask the mayor to step-down based on the six allegations against his government.

But the six councilors say this was not the case.

They said the letter of notice requesting the the Lord Mayor to voluntarily resign from the position of the mayor effective of 17th February was unprocedurally issued to the mainstream and the social media without prior serving of the notice to the mayor—as such the notice was not procedurally served.

They further claimed that the non-signing of the notice by Councilors’ Saferio, Oge and Sade although named on page 2 of the notice shows the lack of integrity of the notice and as such the call for voluntary resignation of the mayor displays the lack of support on the part of the petitioners.

The six councilors further state that Cr Terewauri signed the notice in the disguise of collective decision making—as such he rejects his approval of the notice in disguise.

They said the allegation that were mentioned in the notice were baselss and fabricated stories that hold no truth in its entirety.

The backing of the six councilors means the mayor still holds the majority of support of the 12 councilors of the Honiara City Council.

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