Home Breaking News 23 arrested after burning down of church leader’s house

23 arrested after burning down of church leader’s house

Deputy Commissioner of Police Ian Vaevaso
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Police yesterday arrested 23 people, mostly juveniles, after they burnt down a house and vandalized properties belonging to a Christian Fellowship Church leader at Patmos in Roviana, Western Province.

 Deputy Commissioner of Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, Ian Vaevaso told journalists this afternoon that more than 30 people went after the leader on October 11 but he escaped to another village when the group of boys’ vandalized properties and burnt a house owned by the CFC leader.

Vaevaso could not detail what was the reason behind the actions of the mostly juveniles. Police are on the ground investigating the case.

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The leader of the CFC group and his family are now the victims of arson, threatening violence and damages of the victims’ properties.

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