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Wale welcomes desire by Malaita MPAs’ to work together

The non-exco MPAs with the Leader of Opposition, Matthew Wale. Photo: Opposition Press
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OPPOSITION Leader Hon Matthew Wale has welcomed the desire by Malaita non-executive MPA’s to work together for a united and advanced Malaita province.

Hon Wale met with the Malaita MPAs at his office at PTC, Parliament this afternoon.

During the meeting, the Opposition Leader expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the MPAs request for an audience with him.

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Hon Wale said amongst the many issues discussed he was particularly pleased to hear the MPAs desire to work with MARA and all Malaita MPs to progress development in Malaita.

“There is a great need for Malaita leaders from all levels to overcome our differences and collaborate for national unity and to advance the development plans in Malaita,” the MP for Aoke/Langalanga said.

Opposition Leader Hon Wale described the meeting as a positive, conciliatory and forward looking one.

Hon Wale said the humility shown by these MPAs is a lesson for all Malaita leaders to work together.

“It is in the best interest of our province for all Malaita leaders to convene a meeting in the near future to iron out our differences and to move forward in advancing our development aspirations,” he said.

The Malaita MPAs in response have spoken highly of Hon Wale as a very active and vocal Malaita leader.

The MPAs have also assured Mr Wale that they desire to work closely with Malaita leaders both in the province and Malaita MPs in Parliament.

Also present with Hon Wale in the meeting was Opposition Member and MP for West Kwara’ae Constituency Hon Sam Iduri.






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