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World Environment Day 2022 Commemorated in Honiara

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The weeklong series of activities to mark this year’s World Environment Day which falls on the 5th June started off on Saturday with a general cleanup of certain parts of Honiara and tree planting at the Environment and conservation compound at Henderson east of Honiara on Monday.

In a speech delivered through SIBC on Sunday 6th June, Minister for Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology, Honorable Stanley Festus Sofu highlighted that this year’s World Environment Day theme focuses on living sustainably in harmony with nature with the slogan #OnlyOneEarth.

He therefore, called for collective actions from the government, industries, communities, general public and individuals. Key areas for transformative actions he highlighted includes day to day living in homes, cities and places of work, how and where money is invested into or recreational activities. Others of greater magnitude includes energy, production systems, global trade, transport systems and protection of biodiversity to name a few.

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Through the World Environment Day annual events, stakeholders can join together to raise one voice and to emphasize what needs to be done. He also stated that “by supporting World Environment Day 2022 and the #OnlyOneEarth campaign, we can all help ensure this unique and beautiful planet, remains a comfortable home for humanity”.

To mark the World Environment Day in the country, stakeholders in Honiara and some provinces have also organized clean up campaigns. In Honiara, a clean up campaign organized by a group of private sector business took place on Saturday 4th June from Commonwealth Street in Point Cruz to Kukum Area. During which a half ton truck of PET bottles was collected separately to be disposed at Design and Technology center for their waste to energy demonstration with the RTC pilot schools. Whilst the rest of the general waste were collected by a 10-ton compactor truck owned by Solomon Ports.  Other provincial centers such as Gizo, Buala and Kirakira also organized their clean up programs.

This week, on Monday 6th June, a talk back show on the World Environment Day was successfully hosted on SIBC and broadcast live on air and on social media. The talk-back show involves a total of 8 panelists speaking on various topics related to the World Environment Day theme. Also during this week, another talk-back show to commemorate World Oceans Day and Coral Triangle Day which falls on 8th and 9th June will be held on SIBC. This program was supported under the Solwata blo umi program funded under cChange and partners.


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