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Where’s the Kukum, Naha and White River Markets?

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Dear Editor,

On the 1st of May 2020, the Prime Minister announced in his weekly address on COVID-19 that the Kukum Market was expected to be operational within a month whilst a new market at Naha and a Fish Market at White River were expected to be functioning in two months.

The markets were part of the Government’s plans to disocourage people not to congregate in great numbers at the Central Market to avoid any possible outbreak of COVID-19.

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It’s now more than two months and I hope those markets are now operational. However whilst I am not sure about Naha and Kukum markets for sure I have not seen anything at White River, no fish market but I usually see eskies mostly of fish are sold near a typre repair. I hope it is not the new fish market.

Can the government enlighten us about the markets and if they are already opened? I saw in the media that millions of dollars had been given to us and hope they are used for the right purpose, markets included.


Jonah Tu


What you think?

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