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Wale urges gov’t to ensure food supply mechanism in place for longer lockdowns

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LEADER of Opposition Matthew Wale has urged the Government to ensure food supply and distribution mechanisms are in place for a longer lockdown period.

Mr Wale said his office is aware that the Government is planning another longer period of lockdown in response to the current COVID outbreak in Honiara.

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“The Government through the ministry of agriculture and the disaster management office must make sure people have access to adequate food supply. Therefore, it is only relevant that the Government enlighten the public on the mechanisms in place,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said millions of dollars had been spent on several mock lockdowns in the past and there should already be mechanisms in place to address food supply and distribution in such situations.

Mr Wale said majority of our people will definitely feel the pinch if we go into a longer period of lockdown.

“I understand these are not normal times but in such health crisis and economic challenge, most of our people will not be able to afford basic necessities and food for even a week or so. Some families will definitely struggle, ” he said.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader said the national government should also give subsidy to Solomon Water to ensure water is not disrupted.

He said other essential services such as Solomon Power should also make sure power is not disrupted also.

“In fact, most of these mechanisms should already be in place and frequent messaging of such information should already be rolled out so that people are well informed on what to do and what is expected in such situations” he said.

The Leader of Opposition said the Government had a two year window to fully prepare and there should be no excuses.



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