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Variant confirmed as DELTA

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After exactly two weeks of community transmission, Minister of Health and Medical Services Dr. Culwick Togamana has today announced that the virus now transmitting here is the Delta variant.

The variant was confirmed by a lab in Australia after samples were sent there for verification.

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Speaking late this afternoon in his daily COVID-19 Updates, Togamana said: “We have sent samples to a laboratory in Australia to test for the COVID-19 variant that is in transmission in the country and today the results are with me. The COVID-19 variant in transmission is confirmed as DELTA.”

He adds: “Delta is known to be the deadliest COVID-19 variant to date meaning that people especially those unvaccinated can easily get hospitalized and die from Delta. Those with underlying health conditions and people of old ages are at very high risk of severely sick and die from this Delta. This is why it is important that we ensure members of our families with underlying health conditions and the elderlies quickly get fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines.”

He announced today there 366 new cases and one death in past 24 hours

There are also increasing cases for Malaita, Isabel and Central Islands Province.

Togamana is advising everyone who have someone in their homes that has tested positive for COVID-19 or showing signs of COVID-19, to also remain at home and not to attend to work.

“They may have also contracted the virus therefore it is in the best interest of the current efforts against the community transmission that you too remain at home. Inform you employer and supervisors someone at home has tested positive for COVID-19 and as per health advise will need to remain at home until the case recovers,” he said.


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